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Bridging the gap between Nova Scotia's stunning local farms and our quality-savvy residents, we deliver fresh local produce to your doorstep

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Frequently Asked Questions

If we’re having a bit of trouble finding bananas in January, we may have to look elsewhere.

If we can’t find something in NS (or NB/PEI/NFL),then we will give you the option to choose from imported organic products..

We place almost as high a priority on food being organic, as we do local.

As we work within a large network of smaller, independant farms, you will see weekly selection and organic options change with availability.

Anything that we need to import; lemons, bananas, ginger, avocados etc, are all Certified Organic.

Weekly produce baskets are left on your doorstep in enclosed, reusable plastic bins.

Each area gets delivery on the same day weekly.

We use insulated cooler bags and ice-packs to keep things cool. 

Meat and dairy are delivered either in our reusable cooler  bags with ice-paks, or in reusable foam boxes with dry ice. Meat is delivered frozen. 

We ask that you please leave your empty plastic bin and ice-paks on your doorstep on the morning of your next delivery day so that we can pick it up and re-use it! 

The whole premise of this business is that we believe that we should all be able to eat locally-grown food, and it should not cost more than imported supermarket food. 

That being said, our prices on produce do fluctuate between Summer & Winter.

For example, in winter our salad greens and fresh herbs are grown in wood-heated greenhouses in Maitland – which is a bit costlier of a process than how they would typically grow in summer!

We are proud to still Price Match most major supermarkets on comparable items (Sobey’s and Superstore – not Wal-Mart or Giant Tiger) even in winter (!), and you may view a full list of our most recent Price Comparisons to local supermarkets here.

In Nova Scotia there is an impressive amount of small-scale, local farmers who grow their crops naturally, without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

The process of becoming ‘Certified Organic’ can be costly and usually a bit more bureaucratic than these small-scale farms are prepared to undertake.

Therefore, if you see something listed as ‘Spray-Free’ on our website, you can rest assured knowing that this product was grown organically, without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, however has not undergone the qualification process to be listed as ‘Certified Organic’. 

We currently work with local restaurants and school lunch programs from the Valley to HRM, offering wholesale supply of product with optional delivery. Email info@eastcoastlocal.ca for price list catalog.

How We Roll

Well if you’re still reading this, then you may be interested to know, that while we guarantee a minimum of 75% local when it comes to fruit, veggies, and dried goods….

..We actually guarantee 100% of our meat and dairy items are locally raised, milked, and processed within province – yes, even our feta! Because who wants to pay 47% import tax on cheese anyway?


And what about the remaining 25% of our produce and dried goods, you ask? Well, for things like bananas, avocados, or olive oil, we scour the most ethical supply chains to curate organic, fair-trade, and/or low-carbon-footprint items… So truly, no-one needs to worry about enjoying the odd, cheeky grapefruit in December.

We provide full-disclosure on the origin, and organic or fair-trade status of every item in our online store, and are transparently committed to the ‘75% local : 25% import’ ratio…

 It’s like, an algorithm.


From pantry staples and grocery must-haves, to a wide variety of sauces, preserves, pickles, ferments – and even coffeebeans roasted right here in Kentville! We don’t see the need to trek to the supermarket for any more preservative-laden American sauces. Or bleached garlic from China. Or those pale, watery tomatoes from who-knows-where…