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Delivery Zones

  • Our delivery zones are ever-expanding. Our long-term goal is to offer free delivery province-wide.
  • Don’t see your location on here? Send a quick email to, and we’ll see what we can do for you!

***As of May 7th, 2022 (when gas prices hit $1.90/L) we unfortunately had to implement a $5 delivery fee for all orders, regardless of location. 

This goes against our founding principles, and we are currently looking at ways to get our downtown residents back to free deliveries ASAP.

Please feel free to check in with us. If you live downtown and cannot afford the $5 delivery charge, we will waive it on a case by case basis.

Delivery to persons with limited mobility in rural areas is still free.

Blue = $5 Delivery

Green = FREE Delivery!

Red = $6 Delivery

Delivery for persons with limited mobility living in rural areas is always free!

Guest Shoppers:

Shopping as a Guest; not signed up for any subscription, your order will be subject to a $60 minimum order amount.

Guest orders under $60 will be subject to a $6 delivery fee, regardless of location.

  • Gravel Roads and Potholes: If you live on a rough gravel, pothole-filled, steep or generally treacherous road, you will have to make arrangements to have your orders dropped off with a neighbour who lives on the main, asphalt-covered road. 

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