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How It Works!

Weekly Produce Basket Delivery

How it Works

Choose your weekly basket:
either a Produce Basket of fruit & veg, or Open Shop our entire store!

Customize items in basket each week, up to 48hrs before delivery

Shop other items like meat, dairy & dried goods from our online store

...After you've customized your Produce Basket 🙂

Skip a week, change basket, or cancel at anytime

Open Shop

Free delivery, no minimum order

Shop from our entire store – not just the produce section! 

Enjoy *free delivery, a weekly reminder to place your order, and membership perks!

* Within one of our Free Delivery Zones

Single Basket

Enough fresh fruit, veggies & herbs for 1-2 people

Standard Basket

Enough fresh fruit, veggies & herbs for 2-4 people

Family Basket

Enough fresh fruit, veggies & herbs for 4-6 people

Extra Basket

Enough fresh fruit, veggies & herbs for 6-8 people

Strictly Seasonal

Choose your items from strictly seasonally-available produce. Enough for 2 people.

Great variety to choose from. Simple selection process.

Delivery is free, right to your doorstep.

(within one of our Free Delivery Zones)

More Info

  • Our weekly basket subscriptions are for produce baskets; produce meaning Fruit & Veg only.
  • Basket price includes tax & delivery.
  • We send you a weekly reminder 4 days before your basket is set to be delivered, reminding you to customize your basket.
  • Basket customization is quickly and easily done with just a few clicks, from our ever-changing and plentiful selection of locally grown and/or organic produce.
  • Your basket may be customized up to 48 hours before date of delivery.
  • Should you forget to customize your basket, we will either repeat your previous week’s order, and/or customize based upon your past preferences.
  • After basket customization, feel free to shop our online store for local and organic meats, dairy, and dry goods/pantry. The items will be added to your basket delivery order and delivered free of charge.
  • Skip a week with the click of a button, or cancel at anytime!

How We Roll

Well if you’re still reading this, then you may be interested to know, that while we guarantee a minimum of 75% local when it comes to fruit, veggies, and dried goods….

..We actually guarantee 100% of our meat and dairy items are locally raised, milked, and processed within province – yes, even our feta! Because who wants to pay 47% import tax on cheese anyway?


And what about the remaining 25% of our produce and dried goods, you ask? Well, for things like bananas, avocados, or olive oil, we scour the most ethical supply chains to curate organic, fair-trade, and/or low-carbon-footprint items… So truly, no-one needs to worry about enjoying the odd, cheeky grapefruit in December.

We provide full-disclosure on the origin, and organic or fair-trade status of every item in our online store, and are transparently committed to the ‘75% local : 25% import’ ratio…

 It’s like, an algorithm.


From pantry staples and grocery must-haves, to a wide variety of sauces, preserves, pickles, ferments – and even coffeebeans roasted right here in Kentville! We don’t see the need to trek to the supermarket for any more preservative-laden American sauces. Or bleached garlic from China. Or those pale, watery tomatoes from who-knows-where…