Meal Kits

= Online Local Food Grocery Store

= Locally-Sourced Meal Kit Provider

Our friends at Piecemeal Food Provisions create the most exquisite, locally-sourced meal kits, that introduce you to stunning new recipes and fresh spins on much-loved classics.

They use re-usable glass and paper packaging, and are firmly committed to locally-sourced food items, environmentally-friendly practices, and recipes that will wow your friends and family.

Piecemeal’s kits include the produce, spices, and sauce ingredients for your meal.

You are responsible to provide the protein (meat or alternative) and pantry staples required for your recipe.

Hmmm… lucky for us, we know an affordable online grocery store that delivers!

Check out to get an idea of their amazing service!

Piecemeal require a minimum subscription of one month (4 x meal kits), and they charge $10 per delivery of their meal kits.

We’ve partnered with them to offer up to 50% off their delivery fee, with the purchase of any item (yes, any one item) from our online store. 

You can shop for any protein or pantry staples needed for their recipe from us, and receive 50% off of delivery of ALL the local food, right to your doorstep.

We deliver their box, along with your grocery order from us at the same time.

Any further questions, please see the Fine Print regarding this partnership.

Fine Print

How it works:

If you choose to sign up for a month of Piecemeal Meal Kits, you want to choose the ‘delivery’ option.

~ As opposed to their ‘pickup from downtown Halifax’ option ~

Piecemeal will charge you $10/box for delivery.

You will then receive a weekly email from Piecemeal, regarding your kit recipes and other info – which  will also include a weekly $5 promo code to use on our site;

You may then visit our online store and use the $5 promo code during your purchase of any item from our store (effectively working as a $5 rebate), to receive an automatic $5 discount on your purchase.

The $5 promo code works up to a maximum of $5, and does not carry forward to any following week.

For example, if you choose to purchase only one $4 loaf of bread from us, you will only be discounted the $4,  and the next week you will have a new $5 promo code to use, which will not include any balance considerations  from previous weeks.

Our order deadline for Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday delivery is Monday at noon.

Our order deadline for Friday delivery is Wednesday at noon.