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Apples, Red Delicious (actually delicious)


Kings Produce, NS.


1lb = 2-3 classic Red Delicious apples.


Now we say ‘Classic’, but guess what – these Red Delicious apples are actually delicious!! No grainy, yellow-bitter flesh to contend with after battling your way through a waxy, leather skin casing.

Nothing like the hostile Red Delicious you would find in a supermarket, these Red Delicious are smaller, rounder, their peel is fine and almost delicate and the flesh is sweet, flavourful, and truly how the Red Delicious is meant to be.

Give this elegant apple a second chance – there’s nothing like a Valley apple to show everyone how it’s done!

Without a doubt, the best apple for Candied Apples.

Red Delicious  apples are a bit more delicate than other varieties, and don’t much enjoy being cooked – but we find they make an excellent garnish for salads, and ingredient for sandwiches! (Particularly ham or vegan ham sandwiches)


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