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Greens, mixed, 8oz


Summer: Elmridge Farms – Centreville, NS

Winter: River View Herbs – Maitland, NS

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8oz = 1/2lb bag of zesty salad mix, fresh from local farms.


The blend changes seasonally, but you can usually bank on a mix of:

  • Baby romaine, oak leaf lettuces, baby spinach, Swiss chard, mizuna, arugula and radicchio.


**The prices for greens vary a bit between summer and winter, as in winter our greens are grown in wood-heated greenhouses in Maitland, NS!

It is truly exceptional what our winter greens supplier can accomplish in terms of taste and quality, sometimes even crisper or zestier than summer.


Even in winter, we are always pleased to offer supermarket-competitive pricing 🙂

Price Compare Summer 2021: East Coast Local = 9$/lb  ~  Wal-Mart, New Minas = $9.44/lb (based upon $6.49/11oz)

Price Compare Winter 2022: East Coast Local = $11/lb  ~  Sobey’s New Minas = $10.44/lb (based upon $6.99/11oz)


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