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Herbs, Mint, 1oz


Summer: Elmridge Farms – Centreville, NS.

Winter: River View Herbs – Maitland, NS.

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1oz of fresh and fragrant, locally-grown Mint – all winter long!


‘River View Herbs is a year round family-run greenhouse operation specializing in fresh-cut culinary herbs as well as over 150 varieties of herb transplants’. Learn more about this awesome local producer here!


Our prices and quantities vary between summer and winter, as in winter our herbs are grown in a wood-heated greenhouse in Maitland, NS!


In summer our herbs are sold in large bunches held together with elastic bands and twist ties.

In winter our herbs are sold in 1oz quantities, which is just like those little clear plastic 1oz boxes of herbs you see in the supermarket… Except ours don’t come in plastic.


Even in winter, we are pleased to offer supermarket-competitive pricing:

Price Compare Winter 2022: East Coast Local = $2.50/oz  ~  Superstore New Minas = $2.49/oz


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