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Nutmeg, ground, 60g


Axe to Grind – Middle Sackville, NS.

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It’s not just for EGGNOG! It brings a lot of sweet flavour and aromatics to squash, starchy potatoes as well as pumpkin spice. It really sings on dark meats like duck and pastured pork.


….Based in Middle Sackville, Axe to Grind is an impressively conscientious spice trader. They source their spices from the best supply chains, ensuring the freshest and most ethically-sourced spices as possible, and strictly avoid sourcing from countries which have had past issues with product quality or contamination by heavy metals. Their products are produced in CFIA facilities, and as most of their ingredients are actually either spray-free or organic, we consider them one of our ‘spray-free, as organic with their ingredients as possible’ suppliers.

Axe to grind has given careful consideration to their packaging materials, and settled on post-consumer (recycled) plastics only. Learn more about this awesome local producer here.

*Usual supply chain via: Indonesia, Grenada.



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