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Pickles, Dill, 500mL $6


Fortune Bridge Brinery – PEI.


Only fresh and natural ingredients are used in creating The Brinery’s signature brine featuring white and apple cider vinegars, giving their pickles a slight amber hue, and a tangy sweet flavour.

Perfect for burgers, sandwiches, charcuturie boards, and snacking.

*These pickles are just waiting for you to add some garlic cloves to the jar, and make them as Garlicky as you like!*

‘…Located in PEI, Fortune Bridge Brinery is a small-batch brinery specializing in the creation of delicious gourmet pickles. Their delicious and tangy brines are low sodium. They also contain apple cider vinegar which helps regulate blood sugar and is great for heart health. ‘

Learn more about this awesome PEI retailer here.


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