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Seasonal Basket


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2-3 People – $35$/week

This basket is a produce basket; produce meaning Fruit, Veg & Herbs only.

This basket allows selection from locally seasonally-available produce only, imported items will not be allowed during customization of basket.

Basket price includes tax & delivery

We send you a weekly reminder a couple days before your basket is set to be delivered, reminding you to customize your basket.

Basket customization is quickly and easily done with just a few clicks, from our ever-changing and plentiful selection of locally grown and/or organic produce

Your basket may be customized up to 24 hours before date of delivery

Should you forget to customize your basket, we will either repeat your previous week’s order, and/or customize based upon your past preferences

After basket customization, feel free to shop our online store for local and organic meats, dairy, and dry goods/pantry. The items will be added to your basket delivery order and delivered free of charge.

Skip a week with the click of a button, or cancel at anytime!