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Soup, Mulligatawny, 800mL


The Station Food Hub – Windsor, NS.

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The national soup of India, this delicious Curried soup of Chicken, Apples, Vegetables & Rice is a complementary marriage of cultures.

This soup originated in Sri Lanka, and made it’s way to India during the British Raj between 1858 – 1947. The occupying British soldiers were accustomed to receiving a soup at the start of every meal. In those days, when ‘the sun never set on the British Empire’, the soup course was a non-negotiable.

To appease this need for a soup course, the hosts/servants would water down their occupiers’ favourite dishes, called ‘milagu tannir’, which translates to ‘pepper water’.

The soup was thus gradually adapted from a zesty South Indian broth, to one better suiting the less-adventurous British Palate. And there you have it; a beautiful compromise between two cultures, steeped in history, flavour, and health benefits.

‘…The Station Food Company is a CFIA food production facility located at the Hub and is on a mission to raise awareness, strengthen partnerships, influence policy, and build capacity to bring local, healthy, and sustainable food into all public institutions year round.’

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