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Waitlist Zone 3




This is actually 2 routes combined into one, servicing the whole of Mahone Bay, New Germany, New Ross, Chester & Hubbards.

The first route starts just South of Hantsport, and takes Hwy 14 South to Chester. After servicing Hubbards and the lower Chester Basin, it tracks back up to the Valley via New Ross.

The second starts just South of Berwick, and heads to Mahone Bay. It returns to the Valley via New Germany.

We already have quite a few waiting-listed parties, so it shouldn’t take too long now until we have enough people interested and we can open up service here!

We previously operated here, but didn’t have quiiite enough people to fill the van up.

What would be better than fresh, locally-grown and organic foods delivered right to your doorstep every single week?

This route will have a delivery fee of $6 when it is active.

Persons with limited mobility on this route will not be subject to any delivery fee.

Join Waitlist above to help get the numbers up so we can start operating here properly!


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