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Not your average supermarket...

Our online grocery store is an ever-growing collection of the best local food items produced by the Nova Scotian community today.

Grocery shop with confidence, knowing that a minimum 75% of all items are coming straight out of the beautiful, nutrient-rich soil of our home province. Read More…

How We Roll

Well if you’re still reading this, then you may be interested to know, that while we guarantee a minimum of 75% local when it comes to fruit, veggies, and dried goods….

..We actually guarantee 100% of our meat and dairy items are locally raised, milked, and processed within province – yes, even our feta! Because who wants to pay 47% import tax on cheese anyway?


And what about the remaining 25% of our produce and dried goods, you ask? Well, for things like bananas, avocados, or olive oil, we scour the most ethical supply chains to curate organic, fair-trade, and/or low-carbon-footprint items… So truly, no-one needs to worry about enjoying the odd, cheeky grapefruit in December.

We provide full-disclosure on the origin, and organic or fair-trade status of every item in our online store, and are transparently committed to the ‘75% local : 25% import’ ratio…

 It’s like, an algorithm.


From pantry staples and grocery must-haves, to a wide variety of sauces, preserves, pickles, ferments – and even coffeebeans roasted right here in Kentville! We don’t see the need to trek to the supermarket for any more preservative-laden American sauces. Or bleached garlic from China. Or those pale, watery tomatoes from who-knows-where…