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Delivery Drivers

Delivery Drivers report directly to the Transportation Manager. Drivers are responsible for tasks including, but not limited to:

  • safe operation of small vans/trucks during pickup of wholesale product from suppliers; strictly hands-free phone operation while driving
  • safe loading and unloading of boxes & crates with weights <60lbs
  • assisting with order packing, as well as organizing orders within the van to allow for an efficient delivery route
  • safe operation of delivery van throughout delivery route; strictly hands-free phone operation while driving
  • professional, efficient communication with Transportation manager in the event of route issues, order errors, or vehicle breakdown

This role is suited to a professional and motivated individual with a Class 5 driver’s license, and a clean driving record. This role requires someone who is physically fit, and familiar with safe lifting practices. This role will include use of a pallet-truck, and operation of small cargo vans, trucks, and small trailers.

This role requires mask and gloves to be worn during order assembly and dropoff, and full compliance with the company Covid-19 response policy.

This role requires someone with a great deal of personal accountability, who is not afraid to advise their manager immediately in the event of an emergency, or to admit if they have made a mistake.

20-40hrs/week. 15$/hr to start. Potential for performance-based raises. Potential for employee health care benefits after 1year of successful employment.

Transportation Logistics Manager

The Logistics & Operations Manager is responsible for all transportation-related logistics, including but not limited to:
  • coordination and dispatch of drivers on both pickup and delivery routes
  • oversight of all vehicle maintenance; including performance of basic, scheduled maintenance onsite (oil changes, etc), and organization of contractors for unscheduled maintenance tasks
  • maintaining up-to-date records with regard to vehicle maintenance, service requests, parts inventory and expenses
  • occasional driving in the event of vehicle breakdown, or staffing shortage
  • scheduling and training of drivers, record-keeping of driver hours and driver performance
This role would suit someone with a mechanical background, or someone with management experience who is keen to learn basic vehicle maintenance. Clear communication skills via phone, email, and text are required, as well as the ability to keep accurate maintenance records up to date in Excel (or at the very least, be organized with paper record-keeping). This role requires someone who can communicate respectfully and non-threateningly with all employees – someone who drivers are not afraid to call if they have made a mistake. This role requires someone who will not crack when vehicles are breaking down, the weather is bad, other people are making errors that directly affect your operations, or if you have made a logistical error yourself. 20-40hrs/week.Wage dependant upon experience. Potential for employee health care benefits after 1year of successful employment.

Administrative Manager

The Administrative Manager is responsible for all administrative operations including, but not limited to:

  • execution of all aspects of customer service, from answering the phone to maintaining a responsive and engaging online/social media presence 
  • processing and assembly of online orders, creation of delivery routes, and daily, efficient communication with the Transportation Manager regarding route requirements and changes
  • appropriately responding to customer order issues or complaints
  • inventory and ordering of product; ensuring inventory is maintained to meet order demand 
  • liaising directly with the web development team, with a long-term goal to learn more about our basic website functionality
  • impeccable record-keeping with regard to orders, inventory,  basic accounting, and basic employee HR within Excel. 

This role would be well-suited to a recent graduate from a business, marketing, or accounting program, or someone with a solid background in administrative management.

This role requires an exceptionally professional and respectful communicator, in both customer service, as well as when liaising with other employees. This role requires someone who can keep it together with a smile on their face in unforeseen or challenging situations.

There is a room for career advancement within this role. There are commission-based bonus opportunities for someone with the ability to coordinate successful expansion of operations.

Impeccable written and verbal communication skills are a must. Basic computer skills within email and the Microsoft Office Suite are required, with a willingness to learn relevant aspects of web development. Intermediate computer skills would be considered an asset.

20-40hrs/week. Wage dependant upon experience. Potential for employee health care benefits after 1year of successful employment.